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Durable VDSL Modem Router With 2.4GWifi high-speed remote router

Durable VDSL Modem Router With 2.4GWifi high-speed remote router

    • Durable VDSL Modem Router With 2.4GWifi high-speed remote router
    • Durable VDSL Modem Router With 2.4GWifi high-speed remote router
  • Durable VDSL Modem Router With 2.4GWifi high-speed remote router

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
    Model Number: VDM306-1

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 2000pcs
    Packaging Details: Standard Carton
    Delivery Time: 25-35 work days
    Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
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    Detailed Product Description
    Name: VDSL Modem Router Material: Plastic
    Color: White Configuration: 1*DSL+1*GE(WAN)+4*FE(LAN) +1*USB2.0+2.4G 2*211n Wifi
    TR-068: Support Upon Request Dying Gasp: Support Upon Request

    VDSL Modem VDSL IAD Integrated Access Device with 2.4G/5.0G Dual Wifi VDB1421-W2 (1GWan+4GE+2FXS)




    Platform Model: VDM306-1
    Fully configuration:
    1*DSL+1*GE(WAN)+4*FE(LAN) +1*USB2.0+2.4G 2*211n wifi
    (Ports and Wifi mode optional according to customer requirements)
    Router is a versatile, high-speed remote router for home and the small office.




    1. User Interface

    2.1 Key Component  
    Key Component Description
    Network Processor EN7512
    VDSL AFE MT7556
    WLAN Chipset MT7592 11n2x2
    Memory 128MB SPI NAND Flash
    128MB DDR(Integrate)


    Product Feature Description
    WAN 1x inner pair RJ-11 DSL port



    Standard Compliance with ITU-T Rec. G.993.2
    4x 10/100Base-TX MDI/MDIX RJ-45 ports


    USB Interface

    Compliant with following standards:
    1.IEEE 802.3/802.3u
    2.Hardware based 10/100, full/half, flow control auto negotiation
    3.Non-blocking wire speed reception and transmission
    4.Full duplex IEEE 802.3x flow control and half duplex back-pressure flow control
    5.Broadcast storm protection
    6.Automatic address learning, address aging and address migration
    7.Integrated address Look-Up Engine, 1 K absolute MAC addresses supported
    1*USB2.0 Host ports, Type A connector
    WLAN 2x internal MIMO antenna by default


    Power Switch

    IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE802.11n compliant
    Operating Frequency:
    2.4GHz Band: 2400 ~ 2497MHz ISM band
    Output Power:
    Ÿ The maximum allowable RF power level is subject to specified nation regulation.
    Ÿ Typical RF Output Power (tolerance +/-2dB) and Data Rate at each RF chain, and at room Temp. 25degree C
    802.11n section for 2.4G Band:
    - 15dBm at MCS0, 1
    - 15dBm at MCS2, 3
    - 15dBm at MCS4, 5
    - 13dBm at MCS6, 7
    - 15dBm at MCS0, 1
    - 15dBm at MCS2, 3
    - 15dBm at MCS4, 5
    - 15dBm at 6M/9M bps
    - 15dBm at 12M/18M bps
    - 15dBm at 24M/36M bps
    - 13dBm at 48M/54M bps
    Typical 15dBm (+/-2dB) at 11, 5.5, 2, and 1Mbps
    Peak Gain: 2.0 dBi
    Impedance: 50 Ohm nominal
    Wi-Fi 11b/g/n and WPS Certified (WPS will be optional)
    Wireless ON/OFF Switch support
    Factory Reset Button support
    Consol pin support
    TR-068 support upon request
    WPS support
    Dying Gasp support upon request

    2. LED Indicators  

    LED Indicative Color Status Description
    Power Green Solid Light Power on
    Light off Power off
    Red Solid Light 1). Device boot POST (Power On Self Test).
    2). Device POST failure (not bootable).
    3). Device malfunction.
    LAN Green Solid Light Powered device connected to LAN port
    Blinking LAN activity present
    Light off No Activity
    WLAN 2.4GHZ Green Solid Light Device enable 2.4G WLAN
    Blinking WLAN activity
    Light off Device disable 2.4G WLAN
    WPS 2.4G Green Solid Light Connection is successfully established between the router and the client, the LED would remain in solid for 5 sec.
    Blinking WPS is successfully triggered
    Light off Device ready for new WPS setup
    USB Green Solid Light Device connected to USB port
    Blinking Data transmission
    Light off No Activity
    WAN Green Solid Light The link is established
    Blinking Data transmission
    Light off The link is not established
    DSL Green Solid Light DSL good sync
    Blinking DSL attempting sync*
    Light off No carrier signal
    Internet Green Solid Light IP connected and no traffic detected
    Blinking IP connected and Internet traffic detected
    Light off Modem power off, modem in bridged mode
    Red Solid Light Device attempted to become IP connected and failed


    3. S/W Features

    Feature Item Feature Detailed Description
    ADSL Compliance

    T1.413i2, G.992.1

    (G.dmt), G.992.2



    Annex A (Annex B

    and C are optional)




    ADSL and ADSL2 dual mode


    G.992.5 (ADSL2+) ADSL2+

    Annex L (Reach

    Extended ADSL2)

    Annex M  


    VDSL Compliance















    Vdsl profiles supported: 8a/b/c/d , 12a/b, 17a

    Diagnostics mode/DELT


    Dying GASP




    Virtual Noise



    Both Annex A and Annex B



    Both Annex A and Annex B band plans


    WIFI Compliance IEEE 802.11b/g/n  
    Support 2x2 antennas  
    Support 2-stream spatial multiplexing up to 270Mbps (Can upgrade to 300Mbps)
    Support MCS 0-15 and MCS 32 modulation and coding rates  
    Support 20M and 40M channels  
    Support for STBC in both TX and RX  
    Network Protocols and Features

    RFC2684 VC-MUX,


    encapsulations for

    bridged or routed


    VC-MUX for any connection type

    RFC2364 PPP over




    AAL5 encapsulation for PPPoA

    802.1q/1p VLAN

    over RFC2684

    Bridge encapsulation

    802.1q header insertion toward

    WAN and de-insertion toward

    LAN over RFC2684 bridge mode

    over AAL5. Supports multiple

    VLANs on multiple PVCs and

    mapping VLANs, PVCs and

    physical LAN port to multiple



    Support AUTO, PAP, CHAP, MS-

    CHAP authentication

    Added static IP address



    Support AUTO, PAP, CHAP, MS-

    CHAP authentication

    Added static IP address


    Multiple PPPoE

    sessions on single


    Allows multiple PPPoE sessions

    on one PVC.

    PPPoE pass-through

    Supports concurrent PPPoE

    clients inside the modem and

    PPPoE clients on the LAN


    PPPoE - filtering of

    non-PPPoE packets

    between WAN and


    Previously only filtered non-

    PPPoE packet from LAN to WAN,

    now works in both directions.


    remote staled PPP

    sessions at BRAS

    Clean up staled PPP sessions

    (PPPoE and PPPoA) at ISP

    BRAS after ADSL link goes down

    then up or after modem reboots, if

    scratch pad is enabled on top

    boot flash.


    MER (a.k.a IP over

    Ethernet over AAL5)


    WAN to WAN traffic

    blocking in bridge



    Second IP address

    on LAN interface

    Only public IP address and no

    DHCP on second IP address.

    DNS relay  

    DNS server fallback

    in DNS Relay

    Launch dnsprobe process when

    both primary and secondary

    DNS’s are assigned. Probe primary DNS status and fallback

    to secondary DNS. When primary

    DNS is up again, switch back to

    primary DNS.

    DHCP server  
    DHCP client  
    DHCP Relay

    DHCP relay agent for IPoA and

    MER type of WAN connections.

    IGMP Proxy IGMP v1/v2
    IGMP Snooping

    IGMPv1/v2 snooping in bridge

    mode. Added blocking mode.

    RIP v1/v2

    Enable RIP over multiple WAN


    Dynamic DNS

    Automatic update WAN IP

    address when it is changed to and/or TZO DDNS


    LAN port to VC


    Supports traffic mapping between

    a group of LAN port to a PVC.

    Ethernet as WAN


    Added Ethernet as WAN interface

    to support PPPoE or IP over


    Multiple Protocol

    VLAN Mux

    Support multiple protocols on

    single PVC using VLAN ID

    Multiple Service PVC

    Support PPPoE, Bridge, and

    MER services over a single PVC

    Firewall Stateful Inspection SPI Fire Wal

    Denial of Service


    Passed DOS attacks: ARP

    Attack, Ping Attack, Ping of

    Death, Land, SYNC, Smurf,

    Unreachable,Tear Drop


    filtering rules

    Support both incoming and

    outgoing filtering.

    MAC Layer Filtering

    Added IGMP in protocol menu.

    Filter MAC frames based on

    protocol type, source/destination

    MAC address, direction

    Day-time Parental


    VPN IPsec VPN(optional)

    Support VPN connection to

    remote VPN gateway.




    Supported both routed and

    bridged mode PVCs for packet

    level QoS: classification rules,

    priority queuing using ATM TX

    queues, IP TOS/Precedence,

    802.1p marking. Added DiffServ

    DSCP marking and src/dest MAC

    addresses classification.

    Configuration and Management Web based GUI  
    Embedded web server  

    Download image via

    HTTP or tftp client


    Download image via

    FTP server


    Download image via

    TFTP server


    Command Line

    Interface via serial

    port, telnet, or ssh

    added dumpcfg, sntp commands.

    Added option to tftp, adsl, wan, ppp commands. Upgrade sshd to version 0.46.

    Menu-driven CLI via

    serial port or telnet

    Added dump configuration.

    Universal Plug and

    Play (UPnP) Internet

    Gateway Device


    V2.14L.02: Upgraded UPnP with latest version.

    Added support for ADSL IGD. Enable/disable UPnP without reboot.

    SNMP v1/v2c agent(optional)  

    SNMP MIBs: rfc2662

    ADSL line MIB,

    rfc2515 ATM MIB,


    Support GET only except

    GET/SET for system MIB and

    ifAdminStatus in ifTable.

    Date/time update

    from SNTP Internet

    Time Server

    Automatic synchronize date and time with Internet Time Servers and local time zone setup.

    Display Date/time in device info and syslog. Added SNTP command.

    Daylight saving zone  
    TR-69(optional) Compliance with Brandband forum standard.


    4.Mechanic & ID Design

    4.1Physical & Environment
    -Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz (Region dependent)
    -Output: 12V DC,1.5A (Switch)
    -Dying Gasp: Supported
    -Power Switch: Push button supported
    -Reset Button: Reset to factory default by pushing button
    -Wifi Buttom: Push button supported
    -WPS Button: Push button supported

    4.1.2Operation Temperature
    - 0℃ to 45℃

    4.1.3Storage Temperature
    --4℉ to 149℉ (-20℃ to 70℃)

    -5% ~ 95% non-condensing

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    Contact Person: Jack Zeng

    Tel: +8615013523313

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